Bavarian National Museum

Standing a little in the shadow of the Munich Pinakotheken, which are internationally renowned, the Bavarian National Museum is situated in Prinzregentenstraße. The term of the name National Museum, however, does not refer to the German but to the Bavarian nation. The museum was founded by King Maximilian II of Bavaria in 1855 to serve as a museum for the Wittelsbach dynasty. The historical building which is located in the immediate proximity to Englischer Garten was erected by the architect Gabriel von Seidl who also built Lenbachhaus and the Stachus plaza. It is fascinating to see many sculptures among the exhibits ranging from the Middle Ages to the present which are often left out in exhibitions.

The end of the visit has a special highlight to offer: the newly designed restaurant by the architects Susanne and Laurent Brückner featuring a wonderful outdoor area with a south-facing terrace.

Photos: Inner Courtyard © Bavarian National Museum; Restaurant © BNM Restaurant GmbH, Stefan Braun