According to your individual preferences, artattendance will accompany you to the cultural, esthetic and also culinary highlights in Munich and its surroundings. On our art and cultural tours we offer you a wide range of key themes so that you may get to know the diverse and special aspects of Munich in more detail according to your interests.


Gourmet tour with selected specialities

This tour is just the thing for spring, enjoying the bustling colourful market. Whilst searching for interesting topics for our guided tours, we were able to enter into special agreements which will sweeten springtime for you, full of culinary highlights. Our tour around the food market takes us to the legendary Cheese House, with its exquisite local cheeses. Try it with some crusty bread from an old-established Munich bakery. At another stand in the food market, we can taste Bavarian delicacies such as ham and sausage, learn interesting facts about how the products are made, and about their history. As a finishing touch, we visit an espresso and pastry shop, where the owner will tell us about the manufacture and ingredients of his sophisticated chocolate specialities. A perfect tour for connoisseurs!

Munich 72

The Olympic compound in Munich was the venue of the XX. Olympic summer games in 1972. At a guided tour through the world-famous ensemble which was designed by the architect’s office Behnisch & Partner you will visit the Olympic Stadium, the Olympic Hall with its 185 m high Olympic Tower and the Olympic Park with Olympic Mountain and Olympic Lake. Apart from the varied history of the place which was used as an airport and rubble mountain, you get to know through which idea the architects hit on the concept of the sensational and back then completely new roof shape. A memorial stone in the former Olympic Village reminds of the tragic event on September 5 when Palestine terrorists took eleven athletes of the Israeli team hostage and a total of 17 people lost their lives.

Munich during National Socialism

The signs of the dark chapter in German history can be seen in many places in Munich. The Nazi Party was founded in Munich’s Hofbräuhaus in 1920. Hitler’s first coup failed in front of the Feldherrnhalle in 1923. However, later on, huge National Socialist parades were held in front of its pillars. After Hitler’s rise to power, the political power center of the Nazi Party was established between Königsplatz and Karolinenplatz of which some buildings are still well-preserved and where the NS documentation center will be developed from 2011. The “Haus der Kunst” is the first monumental building of the NS regime and opened under the name “Haus der Deutschen Kunst” with the first “Great German Art Exhibition” in 1937. At the same time the exhibition “Entartete Kunst” (“Degenerate Art”) took place in the gallery at Hofgarten in which works of significant modern artists were declared as unworthy. Many memorial stones and memorials commemorate the victims and partisans of the Second World War, such as at the Platz der Opfer des Nationalsozialismus or the former location of the central synagogue which was destroyed in 1938. The siblings Scholl and their resistance group “White Rose” are commemorated in front of the university building; at the place where they were sentenced to death in the Munich Palace of Justice a permanent exhibition has been established. A memorial in Schwabing and at Gasteig remind us of the resistance fighter Elser and his failed attempt to assassinate Hitler. Finally, a visit to the Dachau concentration camp memorial reveals the dark chapter in German history.

Day Trips

A Bird’s eye view by helicopter of castle Neuschwanstein

The castle of the fairy-tale king Ludwig II arouses enthusiasm from travelers from all over the world. Till now the view from above has not been possible for visitors. But artattendance now enables this unique experience with a helicopter flight from Munich to Neuschwanstein. The castle is surrounded by mountain landscapes, revealing Bavaria from its best side. During your flight you will enjoy the spectacular view of the Bavarian alpine upland while our artattendance guide tells you interesting details such as the life and legacy of the fairy-tale king. After the sightseeing flight you will be taken to the castle by a traditional horse-drawn carriage where you can visit Ludwig II’s private chambers. After immersing into the magical dream world, you will be served lunch with traditional Swabian and Bavarian dishes. On your return fight you will be able to enjoy the view once again and review the eventful day.

Seasonal Specials


Visit the world’s largest public festival with us! Stroll around the Theresienwiese and experience Bavarian tradition and traditional costume, cotton candy and gingerbread hearts, high-tech rides like the Olympia Fiver Looping or Freefall and historic fairground activities such as Schichtl and the flea circus. Then enjoy the unique atmosphere in one of the huge tents with brass-band music, beer and roast chicken! 

The Munich Oktoberfest has been taking place for 203 years. It all began back on October 17, 1810 when a horse race was held at the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig, who later became King Ludwig I, and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildenburghausen. At a stunning height the most famous Munich sights can be admired from the Wiesn Ferris wheel. This is a splendid way of topping off your eventful Oktoberfest visit.

Christmas markets

In no other country the pre-Christmas season is celebrated so merrily as in Germany. Already on Friday, before the first Sunday in Advent, huge Christmas trees with festive illumination are put up in the cities surrounded by stands with Christmassy pastries, Glühwein (“hot mulled wine”), traditionally produced Christmas decoration, crib figurines and other handcrafts. One of the oldest and most famous Christmas markets is the Nuremberg Christmas market to which artattendance will accompany you and where you can try the world-famous Nuremberg Lebkuchen. Munich, however, also offers many Christmas markets. The largest and oldest is the Christmas market at Marienplatz where about 150 market stands annually attract around three million visitors. The most beautiful and fairytale-like is without doubt the one at the Chinese Tower in the Englischer Garten. artattendance will show you the post office of the Christkindl in the city hall, the Kripperlmarkt, Germany’s biggest Krippenmarkt with its hand-carved crib figurines, the worldwide biggest Feuerzangenbowle (hot wine punch) at Isartor and the fanciest Christmas market “Pink Christmas” in the Glockenbach district. The Christmas markets in Frauenchiemsee or Salzburg can also be discovered with artattendance.

artattendance for children

A true maze – The Residenz

In over 450 years, the Bavarian monarchs have built 140 rooms. We move through this maze while learning about the palace and its inhabitants.

Munich – The “Fabulous”

Munich features enchanting places, where wondrous events took place…

Action Painting – Painting und Crafting

Equipped with paper, pen, and cardboard, children can try out for themselves how the Grand Masters created their paintings at Museum Brandhorst.

Bavarian National Museum – Time of knights

Until today, we are fascinated by brave and honourable knights. We offer a guided tour through the Bavarian National Museum’s impressive collection from the times of knights and castles.

You may gladly contact us for further theme tours.