Munich has a new, unique museum: the NS Documentation Center

Discover Munich’s newest museum on a guided tour with artattendance. On April 30,2015, the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Munich by the Americans the NS Documentation Center was opened. The museum is a historical and political site of remembrance and learning on the history and the consequences of the NS dictatorship.

One important aspect of the exhibition is Munich’s role in the rise of the National Socialist regime as the “capital of the movement”. A special reference is made to the site of the museum and the environment in which the former party headquarters were located. The directly adjoining Königsplatz was the parade grounds, the “Führerbau“  was used by Hitler as a prestige building, in which among other things the Munich Agreement was signed in 1938. In the vicinity of the museum numerous party offices and NS organizations were housed in more than fifty buildings, some of which still exist today and can be visited.

You can also combine this tour with a tour of the Munich city center on the topic of “National Socialism and Remembrance“ or with a visit to the memorial site of Dachau concentration camp. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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