Guided tour through the Oktoberfest

Visit the world’s largest public festival with us! This year it takes place from September 21 till October 6.

Stroll around the Theresienwiese and experience Bavarian tradition and traditional costume, cotton candy and gingerbread hearts, high-tech rides like the Olympia Fiver Looping or Freefall and historic fairground activities such as Schichtl and the flea circus. Then enjoy the unique atmosphere in one of the huge tents with brass-band music, beer and roast chicken! 


The Munich Oktoberfest has been taking place for 203 years. It all began back on October 17, 1810 when a horse race was held at the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig, who later became King Ludwig I, and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildenburghausen.

At a stunning height the most famous Munich sights can be admired from the Wiesn Ferris wheel. This is a splendid way of topping off your eventful Oktoberfest visit.