A bird’s eye view by helicopter of castle Neuschwanstein

NeuschwansteinThe castle of the fairy-tale king Ludwig II arouses enthusiasm from travelers from all over the world. Till now the view from above has not been possible for visitors. But artattendance now enables this unique experience with a helicopter flight from Munich to Neuschwanstein. The castle is surrounded by mountain landscapes, revealing Bavaria from its best side.

During your flight you will enjoy the spectacular view of the Bavarian alpine upland while our artattendance guide tells you interesting details such as the life and legacy of the fairy-tale king.

Helikopterflug zum Schloss Neuschwanstein


After the sightseeing flight you will be taken to the castle by a traditional horse-drawn carriage where you can visit Ludwig II’s private chambers. After immersing into the magical dream world, you will be served lunch with traditional Swabian and Bavarian dishes. On your return fight you will be able to enjoy the view once again and review the eventful day.