Dürer “Most Famous Painter in Germany”. An Exhibition Highlight 2012

The largest Albrecht Dürer exhibition in Germany in 40 years takes you back to the roots of artistry of the famous Renaissance master north of the Alps. Albrecht Dürer was the first German artist who already during his lifetime enjoyed wide recognition all over Europe.

Things you did not know about Albrecht Dürer

How did Dürer live? And how did he work? The exhibition does not only provide answers but also surprises. Dürer’s early work is shown in five exhibition sections with the help of the spectacular local and especially international exhibits on loan to the museum. The exhibition does not show Dürer as a lonely genius anymore but he appears as the lively companion of the liberal-minded elites in Nuremberg who ascended around 1500: European connected merchants, letterpress printers and humanists. In the exhibition you get to know about Durer’s mastery of narration and expression as well as his shrewd marketing strategies.

The visit to the exhibition can be combined either with a guided tour of the old city center or a visit to the former Nazi party rally grounds.

Exhibition till September 2 2012. Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nuremberg

Image © Albrecht Dürer, Proportion Study of a Lying Female Nude, 1501, Vienna Albertina, Inv. 3072